Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decking the Halls

Usually, I begin decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but this year, my excitement got the best of me and I decided to decorate on Tuesday before Thanksgiving! I've always loved Christmas and the entire season, but having the girls this year has made me more excited than I've ever been before.

Of course I enlisted my two favorite little elves to help me, and Caroline couldn't wait to begin decking the halls!
Claire is a little more skeptical...(every time I get the camera out now, she squints because she thinks the flash is going off).
The tree is trimmed and ready...(can you spot Little Jack even getting into the Christmas spirit?)
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care...

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be here! Merry first week of the Christmas season!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love Thanksgiving...the "cool" weather (we'll just pretend this year), the gathering of family, the simplicity of the holiday, the turkey and dressing I eat just once a year (why is that?), the array of homemade pies and cakes, the beginning of the official holiday season, watching parades and football games, playing outside with kids, and sitting around too stuffed to move.

This year, it is the best Thanksgiving ever because I am so thankful for my two special blessings. All my life I dreamed of having kids around Thanksgiving and Christmas because I just feel that they make it special - and they do. Although life may not be perfect and times are busy and hard, I can't imagine a more wonderful Thanksgiving than this year with my husband and two precious girls.

Never a dull moment, but I thank God for my two girls who couldn't be sweeter and more fun.

Who's ready for some turkey? Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday, I helped three other friends and family members hostess a baby shower for my sister, Cassie. She is due with a little girl on January 16, just a year and eight days after the girls' first birthday! I'm super excited that (a) they will have a GIRL cousin so close in age, and (b) that they will all share the same birthday month! It has felt a lot like deja vu because this time last year, I was having my showers and eagerly awaiting the twins' birth. Here is our guest of honor with her little girl in tow:
The guest of honor and hostesses of the shower:

Sisters forever! :)

The shower was so much fun, however, I was having to play the role of hostess, decorator, mother, babysitter, etc, etc....Paul had to work so could not keep the girls at the house. But, it all worked out because there were two other babies there, PLUS the girls were on their best behavior and just sat and played on this little pallet the whole time! They loved going to their first shower for their baby cousin!
Playing with Grammy on the pallet!

"Aunt" Victoria feeding Claire during the shower!

Cassie is holding Claire, and Claire really has begun to recognize her and smile at her all the time. I think Aunt CC is her favorite!

We LOVE Aunt CC!

We can't wait to meet our new baby cousin! Only 8 more weeks to go!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To the Park

One of the many benefits to living in a neighborhood is being able to visit the park! On Saturday, we ventured out to enjoy the great weather and see if the park had any equipment suitable for the girls. Thankfully, they had two of the baby bucket swings, so we loaded the girls in and away they went! Caroline at first just waved her arms a lot and didn't seem to know where to hold on, but she eventually grabbed the front of the swing and held on. She was loving her time on the swing!
Claire sat back and just grabbed onto the metal bars on the side like a natural...She loved being pushed by Daddy!
Daddy and Claire took a ride on the bouncy caterpillar!

Mommy helped Caroline ride the snail!

Overall, Claire was really much more interested in Daddy's mouth than anything at the's the little things!
We'll be back a lot in the coming years I'm sure! We love our new neighborhood and park!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smiling Sweethearts

As the girls get older, their personalities have really begun to develop and come out. Both girls are really sweet - they love to snuggle and smile and just be with us. I really couldn't have asked for better babies; I feel pretty spoiled that they are both so sweet and even-tempered. Sure, they aren't perfect and have their moments, but overall, I feel that together they are easier than one very difficult baby! God was watching out for me for sure by giving me such sweethearts.

Claire is obsessed with this one light in our dining room- anytime she sees it, she grins like it is her best friend come to play. It makes me laugh so much that she is so enthralled with this light!

Claire's other obsession is screaming...she LOVES to scream! Not because she's mad or upset, but just to hear her own voice! Unfortunately, Mommy is NOT loving the screaming so much, so I'm having to help her learn to use her inside voice.

Caroline, on the other hand, is just silly and loves to make little faces and grin and grin. She's definitely a little less independent than Claire and watches my every move and is happy as long as she can see me or be near me. Her one mannerism that is quirky and hilarious is she clenches and unclenches her hands really quickly (almost like she's waving) whenever she gets excited or wants something really badly. She will just sit and do that for a very long time and it looks so funny! Such a sweetheart and a little giggler!

Claire enjoys discovering new objects and "getting into" stuff, while Caroline is a major watcher. She loves studying people and when we go out and people say, "Hello," she just stares at them trying to figure them out.

While Claire seems pretty content to play alone and doesn't seem to notice if Caroline is there or not, Caroline is always trying to get Claire's attention and see what she's doing. Lately, Caroline has started tilting her head at me and at Claire almost like she's asking us an important question. They are both such a joy and just make my days full of laughter and fun. It's busy for sure and I'd never say that having twins is an easy job, but their sweet demeanor sure does make my life a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our First Halloween

This fall is full of the girls' "firsts" - including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! We are very excited to show them how it's done. This year for Halloween, the girls dressed up as my little butterflies...even Jack our dog donned his flower collar to go along with the festivities. Caroline is waiting at home for the fun to begin! (Of course it was like 90 degrees outside and the girls had these fleece outfits and hats and tights, so it wasn't a good combination!)

Taking some pictures of my sweet little butterflies before heading out to meet some neighbors!

Caroline already unsure about this whole Halloween thing. Poor thing got so hot and by the end, she was literally having a meltdown.
Feeling better now and ready to hit the streets!

Daddy and Claire are ready to go!

We all had a fun time, although hot, and Mommy and Daddy got lots of candy! It was a great chance to meet some of the neighbors and just walk around and show off our beautiful little butterflies!