Saturday, May 26, 2012

Views from Real Life

Typically, views like these seem like they belong in a photo album on our coffee table, telling the story of a recent vacation.  However, I'll reveal our big news with the hint that this is now our real life!  It's no vacation, but these are the views of our new "backyard."  Paul took a new job opportunity in Austin, so we packed all our belongings and moved to the Lakeway area outside of Austin last weekend. 

It's been pretty new and scary because I have lived my entire life in Houston, except for four years out of state at college, and the first few days I was wondering what in the world I was doing here, but after getting my bearings a little this week, I'm doing better and feeling more like I will survive.

 We found a great deal on a condo here to lease for a while until we find a house we like - it's a small complex with no backyard neighbors, so we get to enjoy this view out the back of our place.  Every night, we have a clear view of the sunset, and I feel like I'm on vacation getting to watch that. 
 Even though we don't have a real "backyard," we have this entire landscaped and manicured green space for the girls to play, so it's the best of both worlds - lots of space, but no maintenance! 
 After putting the girls to bed, we come and sit out on our patio each night - just relaxing and taking in the views.  Everywhere you drive here, and most of the restaurants and neighborhoods, all have views of sweeping valleys and homes built into the side of the hills.  Since we're close to the lake, we get a constant breeze which really helps to cool things off.  The views and neighborhoods remind me a lot of California, but it's even better because we're still in Texas! 
Our pastor in Houston was just finishing a series on taking a step out of the boat in the midst of the storm, and some days have felt like that, but without risk, no gains can be experienced.  This is a big leap of faith for all of us, but we have felt God's hand in the entire process and know that there is a reason we are here.  We miss my family and friends, but this opportunity is a great one at this time in our lives for our family, and I'm not definitely not missing that Houston flatness and humidity one bit! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day!  Even though I don't get many "days off," I am so thankful to be these special girls' mom - they are so sweet and caring, and even though they have their moments, they are so much fun and make me smile all the time.  I am amazed at how perceptive kids are at this age, noticing the tiniest details and changes in their lives.  Even though some days can be challenging, I love re-discovering everything with them and showing them new things each day.
We had a great Mother's Day - the girls and Paul took me out to a nice brunch after church, then we came home and worked a bit around the house while the girls were napping.  Claire knew it was Mother's Day and slept for almost four hours, but Caroline forgot and woke up after only 45 minutes of napping. 
 Caroline loves the swing at Grammy's - until Mommy accidentally scraped her foot on the tree!
 Claire enjoying a moment with Aunt Cassie!
 Little Emma keeps pace with the twins now - she is just as agile, only a tiny bit shorter! 
Caroline enjoying some time outside - I'm so thankful to be a Mom!