Friday, August 20, 2010

Update from Grammy's

Here's a glimpse of last Wednesday:
1. Moved out of our townhouse. Had to repack the POD after loading it with all the boxes b/c the movers said we had packed it wrong. Good times...
2. Temporarily moved into Grammy's house the same day. Looking at all the stuff we have at her house for our 3 week stay, I think we're gonna need a U-Haul just to move out of here.
3. Set up girls' cribs in the living room b/c the cribs wouldn't fit through the older door frames and there was no way we were going to disassemble them for just 3 weeks.
4. Spent the first night at Grammy's awake all night...not b/c of the girls, but b/c our dog, Jack, would not stop barking, then Grammy's dogs picked up the slack after Jack quit. Jack has a teensy separation anxiety problem when staying in a new place.
5. Spent the rest of the night awake worrying that the dogs would wake the girls up. Woke up feeling like I had another newborn at home.

And that was just the first day! Each day has gotten easier and less crazy as we've settled into a little bit of a routine here. The girls are both officially sitting up on their own now, eating lots of great solids, including some turkey they have tried, and enjoying watching the 3-dog circus at Grammy's house...I didn't need to bring any of their toys b/c there is so much activity and ruckus going on here all the time!

We have a little more than two more weeks here, so we're just excited about our new house and the added space and unpacking all of our stuff and giving away a lot more...I always thought of myself as a minimalist and the direct opposite of packrat, but after looking (and moving) at all our boxes, I think it's time to clean out some more! There is no need for all that stuff!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty in Pink

A few weeks ago, the girls had the chance to have a few pictures shot by my sister's wedding photographer, Laura Kay Muehlendorf. She blogs about her photos, and the girls made her latest post...
The pictures turned out really well, and thanks to their cousin Lynda for hand-sewing their beautiful smocked dresses!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sittin' Pretty

Ta-da! Just one day after turning 7 months, my little Caroline is sitting all by herself! She still wobbles backwards occasionally, but she's sturdy enough that I don't have to sit behind her anymore.
She's showing big sister how it's done! We predicted that Claire would be the first to do everything because she's so active, but sometimes it pays off to be a little more laid back. Claire isn't quite ready to sit still yet because she's so busy pushing with her legs and trying to stand up all the time. Caroline is more content to sit still, so I guess she surprised us all with reaching this milestone first. She's ready to take it all in from her new perspective!

7 Months Old!

The girls are now 7 months old! Sunday started with an outing to church, but we both had to leave the service because Claire was overly wiggly and started grunting in frustration, and a few minutes later, Caroline started her guttural, "aaaaaaa," really loudly while the pastor was preaching, so that was a no go! God knows we tried!

Later that afternoon, Claire had a stare down with Jack, and apparently he quickly tired of that game. He has been so good with the girls - he mostly just sits at their feet, but I can even put a bottle right in front of him and he doesn't try to lick it or take off with it in his mouth. He's a sweetie!
During our pictures, the girls were none too happy about having to sit in the uncomfortable wooden much for a great background!

To cool off and relax in this Houston heat, we took the girls swimming and as usual, they loved that! It was our last time to swim in our complex pool as a family - we sure have enjoyed the pool being right outside our front door!

At the end of the day, the girls were pooped from all the fun activities we did, and both popped that thumb in their mouth and called it a day. Turning seven months' old is a tough task!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy Bees!

This week has been filled with all three of us busy as little bees! Claire has been perfecting her sitting up, and both girls can sit with a little padding under or behind them, but Caroline can probably sit a little better on a hard surface because she's not quite as wobbly and active as Claire. I think Claire wants to skip sitting altogether and just go straight to crawling because she's always trying to scoot when she's sitting still.

Both girls have gotten in their bottom two teeth, and it was funny because for two weeks, Claire's teeth were coming in slowly but surely, and Caroline's hadn't even broken the skin. Then, all of a sudden, both of Caroline's teeth broke through the gums at the same time and have now passed Claire's altogether!
In my spare time, while trying to take care of two infant girls, I have been packing our house up and getting it ready to move! We have loved our townhouse and spent quite some time redecorating it, but the space is really tight for four people and two (almost) active and mobile babies! We are heading out to the northwest suburbs and are excited to have a nice backyard and more room inside to play. The girls are even going to have a little playroom/loft area, so we are excited about that! It's a big job moving, but we know it will be worth the hassle! We are stashing our things in storage and staying with Grammy until Labor Day when our house will be ready for move-in! 3 dogs, 3 adults, and 2 babies in one house! Now that's a zoo!