Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Readers

The girls have loved reading for a while now, and the latest way they love to read is to climb on our bed, lie down right next to each other, and listen to the other one "read." They also love to sit on the floor against the wall and read, or they'll ask to "sit by Mommy" while I'm reading and the three of us will read together while sitting on the floor.

Claire is very expressive when she reads, and often shouts words or phrases, much to Caroline's delight. Seems like I have a lot of pictures with Claire's mouth wide open!

Caroline's making sure Claire is reading the story correctly! Notice the sock on Caroline's hand- she takes her socks off all the time and then wears them as mittens. It's a constant battle!

Hey, I've got this down!

They love this certain Peek a Boo book and read it all the time!