Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Birthday Bash!

This weekend was my birthday weekend, and although we had made plans ahead of time for my actual birthday on Sunday, we ended up having some other fun plans pop up at the last minute with some friends of ours here in Lakeway.  The very first mom I met at the mom's group has turned out to become one of my closest friends here, and we do things probably 2-3 times a week with our kids.  She has two boys, and they are sandwiched around the girls in age, with her oldest about a year older than the girls, and her youngest about 10 months younger than the girls, so they all get along really well!  She and her husband own a boat and their neighborhood has its own boat ramp, so they invited us out on Saturday to spend some time with their family. 
Since the girls had never been on a boat before, I was a little worried they might freak out once the engine revved and we gained some speed, but they loved it!  Caroline (in pink) just closed her eyes and held out her hands, and Claire (in green) leaned back and stuck out her tongue.
 Boat time with Mommy!  We were boating on the Colorado River, about 2 minutes from where we live.  Incredible to think we came from Houston to this! 
 Claire's a natural!

 Everyone took their turns wakeboarding, and while I wasn't planning on trying (at all), my friend convinced me to try, and she stayed in the water to coach me.  I finally got up after about 6 tries, but mostly ended up in the water. 
 There I am in that splash! 
 On the way back, the girls fell asleep under their towels.  We stayed out for five hours and they did perfectly well!  No fussing or complaining or whining - I think they love the water like their Mom does!
 On Sunday afternoon, we ventured to the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio for a special birthday treat that Paul had planned as a surprise.  We were waiting for our room to get ready, and the girls loved watching the fish.
 My little cowgirls!
 Coloring while waiting...
 Sitting on the deck waiting for our room...
 Later that afternoon, after we checked in, we played in the lazy river at the resort.  The girls just wore their life jackets and loved it!  They swam along and did so well.
 Playing in the sand at the little beach.
 Having dinner later that night for Mommy's birthday!
 The next morning was the first day of school for all the kids, so the resort was EMPTY.  We were the only ones in the pool and on the was fun!
 The lazy river...just waiting for us!
 Floating along with the girls.
 I LOVE these puddlejumper life jackets...they have taught the girls how to propel themselves and in essence, swim, and made them feel secure to go off on their own.  They can now swim an entire pool's length and back on their own just by kicking, and they swim in the deep end and don't get scared.  They really love the water, and I see some good swimmers in the making! 
What a great birthday weekend!  It was so fun to enjoy our new "playground" on the lake and river where we live, and then drive down to stay a night at a great family resort.  It will be hard to top this birthday, but Paul has a year to plan!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two Times the Fun?

They say that having twins is two times the fun, and most times I would agree.  This week, however, has NOT been so fun.  Since I have a short break in my classes (I'm in grad school right now), I decided to tackle the not-so-easy task of potty training.  I think the girls have actually been ready for some time now, but I kept putting it off for various reasons.  Enough!  Time to begin.
With twins, it's even more fun - twice the spills, twice the training pants, twice the wipes, twice the toilet seats, twice the attitude.  Logistically, I had to think this one through - how to get both of them on the potty where I can see them?  Well, can't make that work, so one sits on the hall potty while the other sits on the master bathroom potty and I just hope she is doing what she's supposed to. 
 Day One: Started around 8:29am with training pants and sitting on the potty.  Girls sat on potty for 10 minutes, time to get up...two minutes later, wet pants...sigh...
Two hours and five pair later...still nothing...
Mom, should we just stick with the diapers?  I think that's a lot easier?
Day Two:  We had a little more success, but the washing machine was seeing more action than the toilet due to so many wet pants.  The girls are showing improvement by telling me they went potty, but they like to save their special news until AFTER their pants are already wet.  Nice.

Day Three:  We were gone in the morning, so potty training was put on halt...afternoon came, we had two small successes and then it all went to pot (sorry for the pun).  I hadn't heard from Caroline in a while, so I go back to find she was sitting on her bed pooping, then I run back into the kitchen to get the clean up supplies, and find that Jack, our dog, had pooped on the floor. 

In my rush to get the messes cleaned, I stepped (barefoot) into Jack's mess and decided I was about to walk out the front door and never return (at least until tomorrow).  Paul was extra encouraging that night as he quipped, "Well, tomorrow it starts all over again."  Thanks, babe. 

Needless to say, I think I'm ready to hire a potty-training consultant to help me get this job done. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Box it Up

The girls don't need my help thinking of things to do; it's always when I'm cooking or not looking that they think of the most silly things to do.  Today, they had brought their fabric storage boxes from their room to the den and had some fun with them. 

 Caroline might just make a little home in here!
 This size is just right!
 Of course...why didn't I guess?  It seems as if reading knows no limits for them...
 Claire decided to join in the reading, and had to put her box directly next to Caroline's. the next frame, Claire's box tipped over because it was full of toys in the bottom, she lost her balance, and she hit her head on the floor. I should have figured; she cannot go a few days without falling and landing on her head.