Friday, October 28, 2011

In The Hood

Last night, our first "real" cold front blew in, and so today, we played outside and enjoyed the brisk weather, but also took some breaks for some fun time indoors. The girls loved their hoodies, and did not take them off their head the entire day, except for naptime. People always stop me to comment on the girls when we run errands, but today, in these outfits, they received even more comments and compliments.
We're looking pretty cute today!

We broke out the Play-Doh today and the girls loved it! They have been playing with it at MDO, so they have seen it before.
I'm just a little dumpling!
I'm the other dumpling!

Oh yeah, I know it, too!

I actually caught one of these "twin moments" on camera! The girls always do actions at the same time and in the same direction, but I never can catch them at the right time.

Coloring away!

I think I just like flipping the pages more!

I made a pancake! Here's to the fall weather and a great weekend!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch Farm

This past weekend, we trekked up to the Dallas area to visit Uncle Ross and Aunt Jenny (Paul's brother and sister-in-law). We arrived late Friday night, just in time to bathe and put to bed the girls, but we woke up refreshed on Saturday, ready to hit the Pumpkin Patch Farm in Celina. After the girl's nap, we drove out to the country and arrived at this picturesque farm, complete with petting zoos with all types of farm animals, a real tractor hay ride, free hot dogs, a pumpkin patch, and as many pumpkin photo opportunities as any family wanted!

We began our afternoon adventure at the petting zoo, which was a great setup because the animals were behind the fences, but the farm owners gave all the guests feed to give the animals, so they were primed and ready to just come and take food out of our hands. Caroline was fearless - she loved handing the pellets to the animals, especially the cows. The goats were very friendly and she was excited to touch it up close!
Claire needed a little reassurance that the animals wouldn't also eat her hand, but she was thrilled to feed the goats once she got the hang of it.

This sweet brown cow was my favorite, and she kept coming up to the girls wanting more food.
Daddy shows us how it's done!
After feeding the animals (and using gobs of hand sanitizer), we took a break and ate our free hot dogs! Paul sat down with his, and Caroline reached over and snatched it from him and ate that like she hadn't eaten food in days. Someone may have a future in hot dog eating contests! We had never seen anyone take down a hot dog that fast.

Claire preferred to take her time, savoring each bite of her hot dog.

I'm lovin' this hot dog, Mama!

Lookin' cool in Mommy's sunglasses.
We love Uncle Ross and Aunt Jenny!

This is about as good as we got for our family of four picture...

Just look at these Lil' Pumpkins!

Another attempt at a cute picture in the pumpkin patch. Getting one to smile and pose is difficult, but try two at a time - it's impossible!

Nobody wants to sit and take pictures! I'm outta here!

There's the hayride in the distance...C'mon, let's go catch it!

We all had a great time at the pumpkin patch and petting zoo. We can't wait to visit our aunt and uncle again soon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Daddy's Birthday Week

At the Culbertson house, we love to celebrate birthdays, so we usually give the birthday girl or boy an entire "birthday week" full of fun and surprises! This Wednesday, the 12th, just happens to be Paul's birthday, so we are starting out Daddy's birthday week today! To kick off the week, the girls helped color Daddy's special birthday card and recorded a special message for him:

Two more days until Daddy's birthday! We can't wait!