Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cold Days...and Santa

The last few days, it's finally dipped below 80 degrees, and we've had some nice, colder weather. We've been snuggling in front of the fire and reading, and the girls love just climbing up on our bed and reading together. This day, we planned to visit Santa, but they were enjoying the peace and calm beforehand. After making it to the mall, we waited in front of the fireplace, and this was pretty much how the rest of the "Santa visit" went. Both girls are going through a "Mommy attachment" phase right now, not even really letting Paul hold them that much. To make things worse, they both want me to hold them, which I can do for about 5 minutes, but holding 50 pounds at the same time is pretty hard without a break. Inevitably, the girl I put down bursts into tears and isn't satisfied until I pick her up again. It doesn't help for me to hold her hand, she has to be attached to me somehow. Cousin Emma came with us and everyone was excited for a picture before seeing Santa!

Needless to say, I have zero pictures of, because the mall ladies wouldn't let me take pictures, and two, as soon as I put the girls on his lap, they reached out for me and screamed. Not happy campers! So, we just decided to ride the train instead and ended the mall visit much more happily than we started.
We love the train, but Santa...not so much.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Tradition

Thanksgiving was full of family, food, and relaxation, but this year, we added a new tradition to the mix. On Wednesday afternoon, we took advantage of a coupon and decided to bring the girls to their first ever bowling outing! Paul and I had meant to use the coupon for a bowling date, but we ran out of time to use it, so we just figured we'd have fun with the girls and go as a family. Sure enough, our little bowlers had a great time! Caroline wanted to help get the balls for us, but they were a little too heavy this time!
Daddy going for his next strike!

Almost! Good job, Daddy!

Claire was our scorekeeper.

And our cheerleader!

Overall, we had a great time, and the girls had a lot of fun climbing on the chairs and holding their hands over the fans and just watching all the activity around. Maybe it's part of our new Thanksgiving tradition!

Friday, November 18, 2011

One Year Passed, How Many More to Go?

It all started about 13.5 months ago. Yes, my friends, that is over a YEAR ago now that I have been hearing the bloodcurdling screams from little Claire's mouth. She first began it just to see how she sounded, but now it's evolved into screams of frustration, irritation, or annoyance, which for an almost two-year-old, can be quite often.
Thankfully, she doesn't scream when we are out running errands, eating at restaurants, going to church, or at friend's houses (most of the time). However, she does it mostly when we are at home, or even better, in the car. Nothing like a bloodcurdling scream held for five seconds inside a small space. Caroline has started telling her, "No," when she does that, but that only makes her scream more. I find that pretty amusing, and we have tried everything from ignoring her to disciplining her to blaring the radio to rolling down the window to taking away toys - nothing seems to work.

I have tried hard not to show her that it bothers me, but apparently, whenever I am present, she finds that screaming is her best friend. Somehow my attempts to ignore it have fueled her more. We've even tried setting up a screaming room for her, and she likes to go in there, but it doesn't stop her the next time. The other day she was staying at my mom's for a few hours, and about 30 seconds after I walked in the door, she resumed screaming (albeit at a lower volume, but still, it's the principle at this point). In her mind, Mom = screaming.

I googled "screaming in the car," and I saw many posts from moms who said their 3.5 year old screams in the car. I panicked at the thought that I could be in for 2 more YEARS of this? Good times, is all I can say.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Playing train

The girls love their personal space - I guess that comes from having someone in their space all the time, but there are a few moments here and there where they will hug each other or play in each other's space or share without fussing. Today, the girls were playing train on Daddy, and Claire leaned back for a great picture with Caroline - these moments are very rare, but when they come, it's worth it!

Love you, sis!

This lasted about 2 minutes before someone started getting irritated! Oh well, we'll take what we can get!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Cowgirls

Today, we had a super time at a friend's 3rd birthday party at a great outdoor restaurant near our home. The grounds include a feeding/petting zoo, giant sandbox, and pony rides for the kids. After we arrived at the party, we quickly headed over to the pony ring for the rides. I wasn't sure if the girls could even hold on to the saddle very well or if they would start crying, but they surprised me by latching on like they were pros! I was a little hesitant to let them go around the ring on their own, so I walked one lap with Claire, but she looked stable and calm, so I let her go the last few laps on her own. Claire couldn't stop smiling the whole time - she loved riding the pony! I couldn't believe my little girl was on such a big horse all by herself!

One more lap please?
Walking the first lap with Caroline - she didn't even look at me and sat up there like such a natural!
My little cowgirl!

What's next? We can't top the pony ride!

Claire peered up at the llama...

Here's another pony! How about the stick horse?

"Digging for gold" - a great game included at the party!
This pony is just my size!

I'm lovin' all this ridin'!

Caroline tries her hand at horseshoes!

Claire's a pro already.

A horseshoe necklace? Why not?

Waiting for cake!

So proud of my little cowgirls!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This year, the girls dressed up as little ladybugs, and we had a really fun time going to the houses on our street. We took a few pictures before heading out, and the girls are finally getting to the point where they will stand together and pose (sort of) for the camera.

I love your outfit!

Yours isn't too bad, either!

You might want to adjust your hat a bit!

I'm ready to go!

I'm sure this face will get lots of candy!

Our cousin Emma came over and completed the friendly bug ensemble! What a cute little bumblebee!

Ready to head out!

I wasn't sure if the girls would be scared to go up to the doors, but after a couple of houses, they quickly learned what to do and would walk right up. Caroline wasn't afraid to help herself to the candy - when offered one, she would reach into the bowl and grab a few more.

Sorting through all the loot! They sat on the floor and just sorted and resorted the candy. I don't think they knew it was food, but they had fun playing with the shiny packages and it kept them amused! Later, Mommy and Daddy divided up the candy for themselves!

Friday, October 28, 2011

In The Hood

Last night, our first "real" cold front blew in, and so today, we played outside and enjoyed the brisk weather, but also took some breaks for some fun time indoors. The girls loved their hoodies, and did not take them off their head the entire day, except for naptime. People always stop me to comment on the girls when we run errands, but today, in these outfits, they received even more comments and compliments.
We're looking pretty cute today!

We broke out the Play-Doh today and the girls loved it! They have been playing with it at MDO, so they have seen it before.
I'm just a little dumpling!
I'm the other dumpling!

Oh yeah, I know it, too!

I actually caught one of these "twin moments" on camera! The girls always do actions at the same time and in the same direction, but I never can catch them at the right time.

Coloring away!

I think I just like flipping the pages more!

I made a pancake! Here's to the fall weather and a great weekend!