Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthdays and Babies!

The last few weeks have been full of fun surprises!  Just before the girls' third birthday, our precious niece, Molly, was born, so we made a surprise trip to Houston to visit our new cousin!  We celebrated the girls' birthday with a fun party and cake, so it's been a busy last couple of weeks.
 The girls were very particular about what kind of cake they wanted - Caroline wanted vanilla with pink icing...
 ...and Claire wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing!
 Claire blew out her candles before singing, so we started again!  Three whole candles this year!
 Caroline blew one candle out at a time...very delicately.
 I love my cake!
 This is the best cake ever!
 The girls were so sweet with baby Molly and asked to hold her all the time.
 We are so excited we are three now!  Such big girls!
 We ate out at Lupe's, a favorite place for all of us!
 Back in Austin, on the girls' actual birthday, we took a trip to the mall and visited Build a Bear.
 Then we rode the train with our new friends!
 We are ready for this new adventure of being three!  Best friends and sissies forever.