Sunday, March 28, 2010


We inherited a jogging stroller from our "Aunt" Jentry, so on Saturday, we took the girls on their first jogging stroller ride...they loved it for the entire two minutes before they fell asleep! We strolled through the neighborhood behind our townhomes to Grammy's house and visited her, but we found that the stroller does not fit through the back gate or the back door, so we were stuck with having to just sit on the driveway! It was perfect weather outside though, and I'm having fun dressing the girls in "normal" clothes now instead of their newborn sleepers constantly.

Later that night, the girls didn't wake me up until 4:38am, their first time to make it almost six hours between feeds! I was VERY excited about this milestone being reached, and although I'm not counting on it happening two nights in a row, I'm still thrilled they made it once! I had begun giving them an extra ounce at the last night feeding, so maybe it's finally taking effect and helping them sleep longer. They've come a long way from waking up at 2am to now almost 5am, so that's exciting to see such progress, especially because they were preemies!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Napping...or not?

After the girls eat, they usually "play" or have tummy time for a little while and then it's time to put them to sleep! During that time, I try to get some chores done around the house, mostly downstairs. Occasionally, when I'm upstairs, I go in to check on the girls while they are napping, and I usually see Caroline (our little side sleeper) like this:

But when I peek into Claire' crib, I usually see something like this:

Our pediatrician warned us that sometimes we'd feel a pair of eyes on us, and sure enough, he was right! Claire always seems to know exactly when I enter her room, even for a second, and won't let me leave without letting me know that she saw me. So much for napping!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At home with the girls...

Now that the girls are here, I've decided to pick up blogging again! Caroline (on left) and Claire (on right) are now 9 weeks old, and I am very blessed that they are on the same schedule and are both very good babies-hardly fussy and both seem very mellow so far. We're still waiting for that "sleeping through the night" thing to happen, but at least they make it 4-5 hour stretches now. Lately, they have really become alert and aware of their surroundings, so they love just looking around or looking up at the lights and the fan anytime they can.
They are just shy of 8 pounds each, which is funny to me b/c that's the size of a normal newborn, but they are already 9 weeks old! They have been wearing their newborn size clothes now this entire time, and I'm very excited for them to graduate to the 0-3 month size clothes b/c they have a bunch of cute spring clothes just waiting for them to wear! This outfit was my attempt to get them to the next size, but since it's still a little big on them, when I went to get Claire up from her nap, her pants were completely off her legs and just lying next to her in the crib. I think she was pretty proud of herself!