Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Second Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday! Yesterday, the girls turned two, and we had a busy, fun-filled day from start to finish! We woke up, had waffles, and then headed to church. The girls sat at the dining room table since we had the house set up in party mode! Claire was ready for her big day!
Caroline was equally as excited!

After church, we set all the goodies out...this year, we delved into the art of homemade cakes and cupcakes, even down to the icing. We worked almost all day on Saturday, made good memories and some really good cake, but now I have a lot more respect for those in the bakery business. Decorating cakes is much harder than it seems! We made the girls a giant cupcake each, then mini cupcakes for all the guests.

We hoped the weather would cooperate for our party, and even though it rained about 30 minutes before the party, it cleared up just in time and we had a great time outside!

Enjoying some time with the girls at their party!

The girls received a bounce house as their big gift this year; we figured we'd get lots of years of use out of it, so we decided to buy one of our own. The kids loved it and it was a big hit!

Grammy even got in for some fun!

Getting ready to cut the cake!

After cutting the cake, Claire sat in her chair for probably 20 minutes, slowly taking bites and savoring each piece.

Caroline bouncing with her best friend, Sophia! They are only 5 months apart, and the greatest thing is her mom and I are best friends from high school!

Even little Emma bounced around with the big kids!

The girls having a turn of their own!

Winding down the party and enjoying time with Sophia!

Paul relaxing with Charles (Sophia's dad).

Opening presents after the guests had left!

The girls' favorite gift - glasses from Grammy! Claire's looking cool...

Caroline sporting her new glasses!

Overall, we had a great day, great party, and the girls didn't even have a meltdown of any kind! I'd say that was a great start to being two!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Table!

The girls received a picnic table for their birthday (a little early), and have been enjoying using it to play with their Play-Doh. The table is really for outside, but we had it in our kitchen for a few days for them to play inside. I showed them how to make caterpillars and balls, and then they loved cutting out circles with cookie cutters. Caroline mostly liked to put the top on and off!
Claire gets very focused on any task she begins - she wouldn't look my way when I called her name for a picture. She's in her creative mode!

Caroline loves sitting at her new table!

Hard at work with that Play Doh!

Even though there are four sides to choose from, the girls inevitably ended up on the same side!

We hope to have many years of picnics, coloring, Play Doh, and lunches out of this table!