Sunday, September 23, 2012

A September Sunday

Sweet Minnie (when she's sleeping) and Jack catching some sleep together.  Minnie is a mess (no other word for it), but she is really sweet and loves to run around.  There are several dog parks here, but not sure when she'll be "mature" enough to go. 
 A typical Sunday morning before church...usually a meltdown of some sort is was Caroline's turn.  This happened because she woke up over an hour earlier (therefore so did Mommy) than she normally does. 
 Grammy bought some pretty dresses for us - we love them, thank you so much!  This is probably my favorite color - midnight blue with a hint of purple.  I just think that color looks well on any skin tone or with any hair color.
 What's Minnie getting into next?
 Practicing some cheesy smiles.
 This is how you fold your hands for the picture, sissy.
 We're ready for church, Mommy!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

End of Summer Visit

A couple of weeks ago, we made an "end-of-summer" trip to Houston to visit Grammy, Cassie, and Emma.  We stayed the entire week, and had a really fun time, and thankfully, the girls slept mostly well (unlike our horror story last visit!).  Every night, Grammy would read a story to the girls, just like she used to do for Cassie and me.  She does "voices" really well!
 Next day, the girls visited "Salon Grammy" for a special pedicure!  Caroline wasn't too sure her color choice was right.
 Emma wanted to join her big cousins and get her toes painted too!
 That looks good...just a little more on the pinky toe, please.
 Emma's toes made it through the sitting still part.
 Just gorgeous! 
 How much did you say that cost? 
 We don't pay those kind of prices.  Are you kidding?
 Emma might need a touchup on her toes.
 Honey, I love your barrette selection today!  It really complements your outfit.
 The following day, we set up the baby pool again.  This time, Minnie joined in the action.
 Is it cold?
 The Slip-n-Slide was a little advanced for the girls this year...but they still had fun sliding around and getting sprayed with the hose! 
Can't wait to see you again soon, Grammy!