Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cold Days...and Santa

The last few days, it's finally dipped below 80 degrees, and we've had some nice, colder weather. We've been snuggling in front of the fire and reading, and the girls love just climbing up on our bed and reading together. This day, we planned to visit Santa, but they were enjoying the peace and calm beforehand. After making it to the mall, we waited in front of the fireplace, and this was pretty much how the rest of the "Santa visit" went. Both girls are going through a "Mommy attachment" phase right now, not even really letting Paul hold them that much. To make things worse, they both want me to hold them, which I can do for about 5 minutes, but holding 50 pounds at the same time is pretty hard without a break. Inevitably, the girl I put down bursts into tears and isn't satisfied until I pick her up again. It doesn't help for me to hold her hand, she has to be attached to me somehow. Cousin Emma came with us and everyone was excited for a picture before seeing Santa!

Needless to say, I have zero pictures of, because the mall ladies wouldn't let me take pictures, and two, as soon as I put the girls on his lap, they reached out for me and screamed. Not happy campers! So, we just decided to ride the train instead and ended the mall visit much more happily than we started.
We love the train, but Santa...not so much.