Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Festivities

We spent Christmas in Houston and stayed at Grammy's house, then spent Christmas Day at Cassie's house in Katy.  The girls woke up early that morning, and made their way down the stairs to see what Santa had brought them.
 Decked out in their new scooter gear - Claire is ready to go with her new purse in tow!
 Caroline can't wait to join in on the fun!
 A new Memory game!  Helping sissy open presents at Cassie's house.
 Daddy brought us a new ornament from his ski trip in Winter Park!
 Gotta get that pacifier just right in my new baby doll.
 Fancy girls getting ready for New Year's parties. 
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and looking forward to what God will do in the coming New Year.

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